We for you, you with us

Thanks to the work of five generations we can count on a solid foundation of competence and reliability,

which allows us today to be a dynamic reality focused on continuous improvement

turning the best of nature into one of the basic products of our healthy daily diet


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Being sustainable is in our nature

Our mill is located within the Natural Park of the river Sile: operating within a protected area has always made us attentive, responsible, and sensitive towards the environment and the community.

Precursors of organic

Among the first mills in Italy to obtain organic certification, we have believed in a path of sustainable crop management for more than 20 years. We choose to grind cereals from organic farming and integrated and conscious agriculture, preferring raw materials of Italian origin

Promoters of healthy eating

Protecting the territory allows us to offer you only healthy and guaranteed products, which meet the production needs of processors and at the same time promote the well-being of those who believe in the value of a healthy and conscious diet.

Oasis:  a sharing and respectful choice

Rachello Oasi flours are our manifesto of respect for the environment and the well-being of all of us: a 100% Italian supply chain project certified at every stage, created according to the principles of an ethical and sustainable economy for farmers. The cereals grow in the "Oasis", highly selected lands between Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and Tuscany, where we practice integrated agriculture that respects natural resources.


Excellence as standard
To be a reliable partner, total transparency and guarantee are essential: that's why all the information on the cultivation and production processes is at your complete disposal.
Thanks to the selection and the punctual control at every stage, we can ensure high-quality standards of our flours, also certified by the most important national and international institutions. 
The Certifications
  • ISO 22005 - Issued by CSQA (the first Italian body accredited in the food sector) relating to traceability in agri-food chains;
  • Biologico - Issued by the control body "Suolo e Salute", authorizes the milling of cereals from organic farming;
  • IFS - Ensures the quality and safety of products, and the commitment to comply with the constraints and requirements required by the International Food Standard;
  • Kosher - Quality mark recognized worldwide, for compliance with the rules for nutrition provided by the Jewish tradition;
  • Kamut - 1st level license for the import and processing of Khorasan KAMUTⓇ wheat from organic farming.


Innovation at the service of nature

Nature offers us good and authentic products, technology, and new possibilities of enhancement. Through innovative digital technologies, both in the agriculture sector (precision farming with drones, satellites, and new machinery) and in production (laboratory analysis, production automation), and traceability systems, we can guarantee quality and food safety standards always excellent and constant.

The best of nature in your hands

We study new cereal blends and put the skills of our professionals on leavening and dough at your disposal, to provide customized flours that meet the processing, nutrition, and healthy eating needs of you and your customers. Together, we stand out by creating an innovative, sustainable, and equitable path that brings out the best of nature and the best for all.

Our contribution


Experimenting, innovating, growing: we have undertaken a path of continuous improvement to enhance the territory and the community.

For 120 years, we have been sharing the best of nature with you

We are people who love their work and we chose to share the results for 5 generations
Today Molino Rachello is innovation, safety, guarantee, but also transparency, healthy nutrition and environmental and socio-economic responsibility.

The Oasi Rachello Project with a 100% Italian supply chain is officially formalized through the adoption of fair and shared agricultural regulations.


The previous extension of production capacity to over 2,000 quintals of ground soft wheat per day, combined with the installation of a photovoltaic system, makes the entire company processes increasingly efficient and eco-sustainable.


Under the management of Andrea and his sons Gabriele and Gianni, who initiated important expansions of the factory, the mill obtained the ISO 9001 quality certification and the certification for the milling of organic cereals, establishing itself among the first in Italy to receive this important recognition.


After taking over the "Ditta F.lli Rachello snc", Andrea and Giuseppe, Alfonso's sons, moved the business to Musestre di Roncade, in the heart of the Sile River Natural Park where it is still located today.


Giovanni heads the company, together with his sons Angelo and Alfonso.


Andrea Rachello rents the first mill in Cendon di Silea, in the province of Treviso, purchased the following year by his sons Carlo and Giovanni.


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Oasis Rachello

The best of nature, the way you like it