A path to share for a common goal

Together, we are facing a long and ambitious journey, which extends along the entire supply chain and involves both the environmental dimension and socio-economic aspects for the territory and the community.

The best of all, for the good of all

This path is made of CHOICES and HORIZONS, aimed atpromoting the value ofhealthy easting and people's well-being.

Our Sustainabiity Report and ESG Certified testify our actions and objectives: 



the actions that characterized the first part of the journey made together, in a vision of continuous improvement;



the objectives we set ourselves to achieve, to shape our future and help spread a decisive change, over time.


to help preserve natural resources and use them consciously
  • We measured the environmental impact of our production system with an LCA, identifying areas for improvement on which we could act.
  • We also use energy from renewable sources to power the production site.
  • We produce our clean energy thanks to a +200 Kw/h solar park.
  • We preserve soil fertility through minimum tillage procedures, protecting the naturally present microorganisms.
  • We promote the conscious management of water consumption in agriculture and on the farm, avoiding any waste
  • We have chosen to stay in the historic site within the Sile River Natural Park, adapting the production structure to the environmental constraints of the area and respecting our surroundings.


  • Publish a sustainability report annually to be able to monitor our progress over time.
  • Act promptly on the most critical aspects emerging from the LCA, to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible.
  • Increasingly increase the share of green energy used in the plant, including through the installation of a hydroelectric turbine.
  • Regain soil fertility in increasingly larger areas, through dissemination and encouragement of the use of these processing techniques.
  • Activate awareness campaigns within the company regarding the issues of food waste and conscious consumption of resources, then extend them to the players in our supply chain.



to manage agricultural processes sustainably, ensuring the health of the environment and all of us
  • For more than 20 years we have believed and invested in organic: to date, we mill more than 8.000.000 kilograms of organic wheat per year.
  • In our Oases, we promote sustainable, low-impact agriculture, sharing our production specifications with our partners.
  • We have carefully selected our land, located far away from polluting sources.
  • In our Oasis, we encourage to use of only natural treatments and with rational and and in a limited way maximizing the costs and environmental impact.
  • We encourage integrated pest management, dictating the guidelines on how to manage crops.
  • We promote the maintenance or restoration of wooded areas on the land near our oases, to preserve the biodiversity of local flora and fauna.


  • Promoting and creating the conditions for the use of cutting-edge technology in agriculture, aiming at tracking and checking closely timely, fast, and precise interventions.
  • Migliorare continuamente i nostri standard, incrociando di anno in anno le analisi qualitative del grano raccolto nelle Oasi con i dati delle operazioni effettuate in campo durante le varie fasi, convalidando così modalità vincenti e replicabili di gestione delle colture.
  • Improving continuously our standards, cross-referencing year after year the qualitative analyses of the grain harvested in the Oases with data from the operations carried out in the field during the various phases, thus validating successful and replicable crop management methods.
  • Implementing on a large scale techniques and tools to check the crop health, to enhance and improve nutrition interventions aimed at plant welfare.
  • Aiming at improving further the recovery and reintegration of faunal biodiversity in areas adjacent to the oases, encouraging the increased use of non-impactful agricultural processes that favor their repopulation.
  • Reducing further water wastage, with greater awareness of the issue and by promoting the implementation of innovative techniques and systems in the field.



reducing waste and promoting a sustainable production pathway
  • Processing waste (0.002% of the raw material) is totally reused for livestock use, with zero waste.
  • All pur packaging is 100% recyclable


  • We are committed to selecting suppliers (not raw materials) also based on their choice to use materials and processes with low environmental impact.
  • Digitize all documentation to reduce paper waste and raise staff awareness on the topic.



to guarantee control, safety e trasparency of products and processes
  • We hold the most important international process and product certifications (IFS FOOD, BIO, ISO 22005, ISO 9001, KOSHER).
  • The ISO 22005 certification guarantees total transparency in farming and production processes.
  • We have been a direct organic producer since 1999, ensuring total security of origin and compliant processing.
  • We require our partners to apply the 'Oasis Rachello' production specification to guarantee even higher quality and food safety standards.


  • Scanning data and documents of the agricultural supply chain where it is possible data, implementing a digital register that allows our partners to contribute to the product traceability database closely.
  • Further, enhance the traceability of the Oasis supply chain by incorporating it into a Blockchain system to make the retrieval of information on the supply chain more accessible and transparent.



to promote the choice of a healthy diet, starting from raw materials
  • We offer flour obtained from grains grown sustainably and with nutritional properties necessary for a healthy and correct diet, such as fiber, protein, wheat germ, vitamins, and essential minerals naturally present.
  • We develop mixes and semi-finished products with clean and transparent labels.


  • Promoting the change towards the "Nutrition of the future", with a focus on increasingly conscious and sustainable eating habits, through training and awareness-raising activities. 
  • Spreading the correct information on healthy eating practices and the important role of carbohydrates in a balanced diet with the help and support of experts.



to protect, amplify, and enhance nature with scientific approach and technological support
  • We promote the use of satellite and digital control systems and tools, such as sensor technology and precision mechanics in farming.
  • We encourage the adoption of plant biodefence actions, opting for ever-new natural solutions.
  • We take an active part in various agricultural research projects of accredited bodies (e.g., selection and revaluation of native seeds or seeds with nutraceutical properties; R&D on innovative and sustainable grains).


  • Implementing more and more technological and 4.0 solutions both in the mill and in the field, to maximizing efficiency, including energy.
  • Carrying on the research to identify wheat varieties characterized by greater adaptability to adversity, both plant pathologic and atmospheric, and which therefore require less intervention during the cultivation cycle.



promoting the well-being of our employees and the community, enhancing our land, and increasing social responsibility.
  • We respect and promote the well-being of the Oasis' farm workers, guaranteeing them a fair income and valuing their work.
  • We contribute to creating employment for more than 40 families in the municipalities surrounding the production site, as well as those in the areas where our partner farms are located.
  • We have started a welfare program for our in-house employees; whenever and wherever possible, we support agile working.
  • Community support activities:
  • - Flour donations to the paediatric department of Treviso Hospital, for the 'Biscuit Factory in Pyjamas' workshop;

    - Actions to ULSS 2 to help purchase machinery and medical devices during the Covid emergency;

    - Donations to non-profit organizations, Caritas and associations in the Treviso area for the redistribution of flour to the families who are most in need.


  • Diventare Società Benefit nel 2023, attivando ancora più concretamente azioni e progetti in ottica sostenibile.
  • Pubblicare un codice etico e analizzare costantemente il clima aziendale, puntando a miglioramenti continuativi della soddisfazione all’interno degli ambienti lavorativi.
  • Creare sinergia e cooperazione tra le aziende produttrici locali, incentivando il confronto e lo scambio, in ottica di supporto reciproco all’interno delle comunità territoriali.



to venhance skills and promote exchanges, comparisons, and cooperation among the stakeholders
  • We work and share with our Oasi producers for the development, supporting them with our professionals and conveying our know-how and skills with them in a proactive involvement.
  • We are developing business and training plans for the people in charge in the different departments of our firm to increase the skills and proficiency of our employees.


  • Enhancing our partners’ proficiency and experience both by promoting exchanges and synergy between them and developing a training plan for a no-stop updating on technical-agronomic and/or technical-productive skills.
  • Increasing the skills and soft skills of our in-house partners both for management and for the operatives.




Sharing values, knowledge, and experience, we can build together the perfect solution for you and your needs either product or health-related.

Oasis Rachello

The best of nature, the way you like it