We support you
in choosing the right flour
for you

Sense of responsibility

The best of nature, the way you like it

We love to plan big, but with our feet firmly planted on the ground:

every day we take to the field alongside the farmers

and we collaborate with processors and Masters of the White Art to verify the quality of the cereals and collect feedback

and offer you a genuine product with exceptional performance.

Ours is a story of people, sharing and respect

The team

From partner farmers in the field to our Research & Development in the laboratory, each protagonist of the supply chain is important to us,

as it contributes to the creation of excellent products, capable of indulging your passion and/or adding value to your business.

We are Molino Rachello

We look forward to giving you the best

Strengthened by our values, we have welcomed change, opening ourselves to innovation and technology to offer you a range of sustainable, safe flours with high nutritional qualities: in three words, value flours.

We for you, you with us.

We are supporters of the well-being of our customers and collaborators of professional artisan and industrial realities.

Oasis Rachello

The best of nature, the way you like it