Molino Rachello

The seasons of Rachello Oases

A quick tour around our exclusive Rachello Oases; the unspoiled places where the grains for our BIO flours are grown, 100% Italian and traceable.

The Rachello Oases:
a guaranteed
supply chain

  • 3 regions
  • 30 farms
  • 1 team of specialist agronomists
  • 1 sustainable agriculture project
    with a strict set of rules
  • ISO 22005 certification
  • 10 types of flour, all 100% Italian

Discover Rachello Oasis

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Flour by

Presently, a selection of our flour is also available for individual and daily use in the belief that a healthy and natural food supply is the basis of balance for everyone.


Traceability and food chain

Each product is grown in the Rachello Oases is 100% Italian, 100% traceable, and processed only at our Mill.

  1. Sowing
  2. Cultivation
  3. Harvest
  4. Production
  5. Sales

Only with us

  • Crops grown in protected Oases
  • Supply chain traceable from seed to flour
  • 100% Italian grain
  • Heirloom grains
  • Organic and conventional

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