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Rachello Oasis - Winter
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Chapter 1


Today begins the story of our year-long journey in the exclusive RACHELLO OASIS.

Knowing how to respect the rhythms of Nature, in agriculture as in life, is fundamental.

The seasons help us to scan and organize the work, getting the best from our fields. This is why we decided to dedicate the first episode of this adventure to WINTER. The season of rest, the period during which we expect the growth of what we’ve sown. Planning a new beginning, a new annuity. Everything seems to stand still in this silent season, while in reality the Earth is just waiting to start again with its own vital activity.

The Rachello Oasis are Italian territories of boundless beauty and purity, far from sources of pollution, landfills and high-traffic highways, where we at Molino Rachello practice a virtuous agriculture, according to the rules of our rigid and controlled cultivation discipline. From these areas will grow grains for our BIO flours, 100% Italian and traceable. Natural and healthy food, excellent quality and safety guaranteed.

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Traceability and food chain

Each product is grown in the Rachello Oasis is 100% Italian, 100% traceable, and processed only at our Mill.

  1. Sowing
  2. Cultivation
  3. Harvest
  4. Production
  5. Sales


The grains from which our products are born are cultivated from Italian seeds and processed exclusively at our mill, thus ensuring the maximum in terms of quality and safety.


Flour and well-being

Our flours are not just ingredients: we at Molino Rachello know that it is a "living" food and we strive every day, with passion and a sense of responsibility, to mill this precious gift of the land into our best contribution to the daily well-being of the people.

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