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Insolito cannolo is a succulent and delicate first dish, proposed by Ilenia Bazzacco - Timo e Vaniglia, who chose our Tritordeum Bio flour for the realization of this wonderful dish.


for the cannolo pasta:

- 350 g of steamed boiled potatoes;
- 100 g of potato flakes;
- 300 g of Tritordeum Bio flour Molino Rachello;
- 10 g of salt.

for the filling of the cannolo:

- 1 eggplant;
- fresh mint leaves;
- 200 g of pecorino romano;
- extra virgin olive oil;
- salt;
- pepper.

for the burrata cream:

- 200 g of burrata cheese;
- 100 g of fresh cream;
- pepper.

for roasted tomatoes:

- 200 g of cherry tomatoes;
- dry oregano;
- sugar cane;
- salt;
- chili powder;
- extra virgin olive oil.

to garnish the dish:

- fresh mint leaves;
- bottarga;
- sunflower seeds.


- wash the tomatoes and season them with oil, salt, chilli, sugar and oregano;
- bake in a preheated oven at 200 degrees until cooked;
- cut the aubergine and cook it in oil with a few mint leaves. Season with salt and pepper;
- reduce the aubergine to a puree, add the pecorino and a little bit of oil;
- transfer the mixture to the pastry bag;
- with the help of one crushes potatoes, purée the potatoes and add potato flakes;
- mix by adding the Tritordeum Bio flour. Add salt if necessary (the dough must be soft and workable);
- roll out the dough with a rolling pin, cut out many discs and close them like a small cannolo;
- boil the cream and pour it on the chopped burrata, then blend with the immersion mixer;
- cook the cannoli in plenty of boiling salted water;
- fill each cannolo with the aubergine mixture;
- pour a ladle of burrata cream on the bottom of the dish, lay the cannoli and finish the dish with the roasted tomatoes, some sunflower seeds and a grating of bottarga.

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