The Rachello Oases:
guaranteed, protected origins

As food and agriculture change and develop, consumers are increasingly paying attention to the environment, the quality of raw materials, and wheat cultivation methods in particular. In this new market, products from Italy have become an undisputed guarantee of superior quality.

To offer our customers Italian flour that is subject to the most rigorous verifications, guaranteeing its origins and providing full transparency, Molino Rachello has tapped into its 20+ years of experience in the organic products industry and its strict procedural guidelines to launch a product that is certified and 100% Italian along the entire production line.

Our grains are grown within our Rachello Oases: pristine, uncontaminated lands far from all sources of pollution. These pure, Italian places are defined by virtuous farming that is regularly inspected to guarantee respect for mother nature. It is here that our organic, 100% Italian, 100% traceable flour is born.

We provide our consumers with complete information about our farming and production processes in the name of complete transparency. In addition, we have voluntarily obtained ISO 22005 certification from a third party (CSQA, the first Italian institution accredited for food inspection).


What makes Molino
Rachello unique

  • Italian-ness

    Our 100% Italian supply chain includes 30 farms in 3 regions, selected from among the best wheat producers in the entire country. Geographical diversification makes it possible to curtail any potential damages to harvests caused by bad weather, ensuring constant product availability to all our customers. We firmly believe that flour is only truly Italian when it comes from Italian wheat, not just milled in Italy.
  • Traceability

    Scrupulously verified and monitored, each step of the Rachello supply chain is certified. From the selection of the Italian seeds best-suited to the land where they’re to be grown, to the definition of the way they’ll be cultivated and the identification of the best farmers to do so. From grain harvest to storage, up to milling and shipping the final product.
  • Direct inspections, out in the field

    Our agronomists are constantly present at the Rachello oases to help farmers apply our crop cultivation policy, e.g. the set of rules that we have created to ensure our elevated quality standards.
  • Environmental sustainability

    Environmental sustainability is the direct result of respect for our natural resources (including water, soil fertility and biodiversity), and the absence of polluting chemicals for both organic and conventional crops.
  • Socio-economic sustainability

    We believe in an ethical economy, so all those involved in our supply chain are respected, ensuring their well-being in terms of a guaranteed income and improving their quality of life.
  • A wide range of high-value flour

    We don’t offer single products, but rather lines complete with genuine, safe products with true nutritional benefits: in short, high-value flour. From soft wheat to spelt, from Senatore Cappelli durum wheat to new grains like organic Tritordeum, our flour comes in whole-wheat, organic and conventionally-grown varieties.
  • Nutrition and health

    We’re quite aware that only pristine land, water and air can produce robust grains used to make flour that’s good for our health and our palates. To us, respecting the environment means respecting the well-being of our customers.

The Rachello Oases:
a guaranteed supply chain

  • 3 regions
  • 30 farms
  • 1 team of specialist agronomists
  • 1 sustainable agriculture project with a strict set of rules
  • ISO 22005 certification
  • 10 types of flour, all 100% Italian

Friuli Venezia Giulia - Veneto - Tuscany

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