The high quality of our products is guaranteed by very careful selection of the grains we use. These are often supplied by farmers whom we know personally or, as with many organic flours, we have specially grown for our production in agricultural areas we control directly.

All the raw materials are inspected upon entering our mill through meticulous laboratory analysis performed by our team of highly-qualified personnel. We have equipped our storage silos with innovative refrigeration systems, which preserve the grains naturally. Additionally, each phase of processing and mixing of the cereals takes place with the utmost respect for their nutritional properties, so that we can produce flours which are "live" and natural.

To ensure our products meet the highest standards of hygiene and health benefits, we carry out laboratory checks and bread-making tests, to monitor the colour, perfume, leavening properties, and all other aspects that enable us to produce outstanding, great-tasting products.


The high quality standards guaranteed by Molino Rachello, certified by the most important national and international bodies, are verifiable at all stages thanks to an advanced system of traceability, guaranteed by an innovative computer system, for assuring full protection for our customers.

  • CSQA UNI EN ISO 9001

    In 1999 we obtained UNI EN ISO 9002 certification from CSQA (the first accredited food certification company in Italy), adapted in 2002 to the UNI EN ISO 9001 and subsequently updated to the new editions of the standard.

  • CSQA UNI EN ISO 22005

    Certification issued by CSQA relating to traceability in the food farming chain.

  • Kamut® Khorasan

    Molino Rachello is in possession of the license of 1st level for the importing and processing of the khorasan KAMUT® grain, an ancient grain from organic farming.

  • Kosher

    All our products have the Kosher Certification, a quality mark recognized worldwide, for compliance with standards for nutrition required by Jewish tradition

  • Associazione “Suolo e Salute” Italy

    Since 2000 we have obtained from the inspection agency "Soil and Health" the certification that authorizes us to grind grain from organic farming

  • IFS Food

    To ensure the quality and safety of our products, we are committed to respecting the constraints and requirements of the IFS (International Food Standard)

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