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The uniqueness of Rachello

The authentic Italian milling tradition, the best selection of grains and innovative processing technologies come together to give birth to natural flour, trusted and of high nutritional value. Flour that is worth its weight in gold.

Our focus and our great respect for everyone’s health cannot but be accompanied by an equally great respect for the land and the environment since it is only from unpolluted land, water, and air that healthy grains can be grown that can make for healthy and natural flour.
Respecting the environment, in a word, for us means to respect in first place the health of each of our clients.

That's why our company always prefers sustainable projects, selecting agricultural areas in natural or protected areas (Rachello Oasis), favoring farmers who choose organic and non-GMO cultivation and engaging particularly with growers in our territories, together with whom we network to care for the welfare of each of our clients.

Presently, a selection of our flour is also available for individual and daily use in the belief that a healthy and natural food supply is the basis of balance for everyone.
Nutritious, natural products and guaranteed as never before

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