For more than 20 years in our Mill we have chosen to offer a line of flour and certified organic products that are guaranteed and trusted, using 100% organically grown grain.

The ORGANIC grains are cultivated exclusively using naturally derived additives or treatments, according to current European regulations, which excludes the use of pesticides or additives with GMO (genetically modified organisms) origin.

More and more consumers are choosing to buy organic products to safeguard their health, that of their children and the community, to contribute to the maintenance of biodiversity, and to nourish themselves in a manner that respects the planet.

For us at Molino Rachello the term "organic" recalls an ancient passion, and tells the tale of unconditional love for the land, the responsibility we have in the selection of valuable raw materials. It’s the desire that has always distinguished us to do things properly and seriously at all stages of the process, to make our contribution to the well-being of people and the environment.

Every day we guarantee the respect for this commitment with strict controls and specific certifications, and because of a special partnership with Italian farmers growing specifically for our Mill several hectares of land dedicated to the best ORGANIC grains and who are aware of the importance of offering our customers healthy and natural products.

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