Image of The Mill announces
Image of The Mill announces


  •   10 kg of organic  Senatore Cappelli-Akrux wheat flour
  •   6.5 lt water
  •   250 g salt
  •   300 g yeast

Set aside about 1 liter of water to be added later.
In a spiral mixer, knead the ingredients for about 7 minutes at speed setting 1 and then for another 7-8 minutes at speed setting 2 until the dough is smooth. During the kneading cycle on speed setting 2, add a bit of the previously retained water at a time.

Final dough temperature: 25-26° C

Allow the dough to rest in a tub or a marna for about 60 minutes at room temperature. After the rest period, cut the dough according to the desired shape:
- PANIBOIS: form 500g rectangular pieces of dough and place them in the baskets;
- BRAIDS: cut the pieces to 150 g forming strands or to pass through the molding machine, and braid them.

It is recommended that the bread rise at room temperature, covering the dough with a towel. Proofing tray: 60 minutes at 28° C with 80% humidity.

Once the product has risen properly, bake at 230° C with steam for about 35 minutes. At 20 minutes from start cooking, open the condensation drain valve.

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