Image of The Mill announces
Image of The Mill announces

Today we want to introduce to you bocconcini (little bites) of dough with "Mediterranean" mix in panibois baskets. Beautiful ... but above all delicious!

Our "Mediterranean" flour is a delicious mix of cereals for your sweet and savory creations: reground semola of the best durum wheat enriched with tasty oilseeds such as sunflower seeds, flax seeds, and sesame seeds, with the addition of soy grains and oatmeal and barley flakes. Great for giving a delicate aroma and a rich flavor to all your creations. The wooden cooking baskets known as "panibois" are used to bake, heat, and serve savory and sweet dishes. In association with various wooden accessories such as cutlery, trays and woven boxes, the molds enhances the authenticity, originality, and traditional look of your best dishes.

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