Our flours are not just ingredients: we at Molino Rachello know very well that flour is a "living" food, and so it is with great passion and a deep sense of responsibility that we give our all each and every day to transform this precious gift of the earth into the best contribution we can make to people’s daily well-being. With the evolution of the agri-food market, consumers are becoming ever more health conscious and knowledgeable about the food they eat and the need for a healthy, balanced diet; more than ever before, they know of its importance to guarantee a healthy and active lifestyle. The large variety of cereals that we use in Molino Rachello to make our flour and mixtures is the culmination of extensive research into selected raw materials and processing methods that ensure that all the nutritional properties of cereals are preserved, to create fresh, natural and great tasting, healthful flours.


We are aware that only from unpolluted land, water and air can healthy cereals be grown, which are able to create great-tasting, health-giving flours. For us, respecting the environment means demonstrating our respect for the well-being of each and every one of our customers. Environmental sustainability is achieved by respecting natural resources and avoiding using polluting chemicals in crop cultivation, be they organically grown or conventionally grown. Today more than ever in the food industry, waste reduction and respect for the environment have become moral imperatives; this is why we have chosen to invest in a clean energy source in the form of solar energy. The installation of a 210 Kw/h photovoltaic system enables us to reduce our CO2 emissions, and live up to our environmental responsibilities going forwards.

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Just as we have always done, today we offer a range of genuine, safe flours with high nutritional qualities: in short, prestigious flours, created by milling many types of carefully-selected grains (from Soft Wheat to Spelt and Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat), which offer impeccable nutritional qualities. Selecting flours characterized by their high contents of vitamins, mineral salts, fibres as well as secondary phytochemicals is important to ensure our bodies are provided with high-quality nutrition. It is in wholemeal flour that we find the highest concentration of substances that are good for health, such as the fibre contained in the outer shell of cereals.

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Heirloom Grains are varieties of cereals that have survived over the centuries as spontaneous crops and today are being rediscovered. These include Spelt and Einkorn Wheat, or the 100% native Italian varieties such as Senatore Cappelli Durum Wheat. They provide particular benefits both in terms of their health-giving properties as well as for the environment, as they maintain all their authentic goodness and highly-prized characteristics.


Rovigo (Centre for Industrial Crops - CIN), the University of Turin and the University of Cordoba, with whom we have collaborated in studies dedicated to Tritordeum in Spain.
Ongoing research and innovation have allowed us to adopt an innovative cereal in the Molino Rachello product line: this is how a new flour with a sweet, unique and unmistakable taste was created. Tritordeum Bio is the result of a natural, non-GM cross between wild barley and durum wheat discovered by Spanish scientists during research which spanned over thirty years. It is defined as ""the cereal of the future"": thanks to its high content of oleic acid, fibres and fructans, it contributes to the improvement of the cardiovascular system and promotes the balance of intestinal flora. Our quest for quality in each of our products is as important to us as your health.

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For us at Molino Rachello the term ""organic"" harks back to a belief deeply rooted in our history: unconditional love for the earth, responsibility in the selection of raw materials of the highest quality, and the heartfelt desire to contribute to the well-being of people and the environment. We achieved Organic certification way back in 1999, making us among the first flour mills in Italy to obtain this recognition: since then, we have chosen to offer a line of certified, guaranteed and safe flours and organic products, which use cereals sourced from 100% organic farms. Organic cereals are grown in compliance with current European legislation, which excludes the use of pesticides, additives of chemical origin, and GM crops. Good flour in every sense: high quality, Italian, safe and guaranteed. The pride of our company.

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