Situated in the heart of the Sile River Natural Park, the longest resurgence river in Italy, Molino Rachello covers an area of over 10,000 square meters, with a facility that is at the forefront for both technological standards as well as respect for the environment and the precious Eco-system where it is located.
Today the company has over 60 silos for the storage and mixing of grains and flour, with a production that surpasses 2,000 quintals (100 kg) of grain ground every day in its own mill, thanks to a work flow of cereals on a continuous 24 hour a day cycle.

Quality is guaranteed by the efficiency of a modern laboratory, with personnel qualified for doing chemical controls on the raw materials and for the precise and rigorous bread-making tests, and by a controlled and CSQA certified supply chain that is 100% Italian.
With its wide range of multi-certified flours, marked by the highest quality standards, Molino Rachello is able to meet the daily needs of thousands of ovens, bakeries, pizzerias, and artisanal pasta makers in all parts of the country.

Respecting the environment, in a word, for us means first respecting the health of each of our clients. For this our company always prefers sustainable projects, selecting agricultural areas in natural or protected areas (Rachello Oasis), favoring farmers who choose organic and non-GMO cultivation and engaging particularly with growers in our territories, together with whom we network to care the welfare of each of our clients.

There are numerous food processing companies that choose our mixes for their lines of baked goods, sweet and savoury dishes, and various national retail brands use Molino Rachello for their ovens.


Ours is a story that began more than 100 years ago, and it’s a story as good as the fresh baked bread that all this time has been made with flour ground in our Mill.

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A long history
of over 100 years

It was in 1910 that Andrea Rachello rented the Mill in Cendon di Silea. His sons Carlo and Giovanni also came into the milling business, and in 1911 they decided to buy the mill that had been leased by their father. In the years following 1920 only Giovanni remained to run the company, together with his sons Angelo and Alfonso first, and his grandsons Andrea and Giuseppe, later, who become the owners in 1952.

In 1959 founded the company Fratelli Rachello di Andrea e Giuseppe Rachello s.n.c. and the company moved to Roncade. Since 1983 the mill has been run by Andrea and his sons Gabriele and Gianni, who launched the significant expansion of the facilities and the creation of laboratories and for bread-making experiments, constantly keeping the Company at the forefront in terms of technological and environmental innovation.

As of today a new generation of Rachellos has begun to take on the work of their fathers, grandfathers, and ancestors, with the same love and passion that has always characterized the work of this 100% Italian company that has grown for over a century, yet always maintaining the great care and attention to quality, the pride in all our products.

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